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Amber Heard's Bikini Scene in The Stepfather

The movie may be so-so, but from all reports, The Rum Diary star Amber Heard gives a performance in The Stepfather film that sizzles, especially her bikini scene. As one reviewer put it...

"The only semi-sexual business going on here is limited to a bit of spit-swapping between Michael and his girlfriend, Kelly (Amber Heard), who gets a lot of screentime because she mostly prances about in a bikini."

Amber Heard is no stranger to the world of bikinis, having modeled for Guess Swimwear where she said she "felt honored that Mr Marciano felt that she could help represent the brand." But we'll let you decide for yourself how well her performance rates in this video...

There you have it. Thumbs-up or thumbs-down? You make the call.

Johnny Depp The Rum Diary
Directors: Bruce Robinson
Producers: Johnny Depp
Graham King
Christi Dembrowski
Anthony Rhulen
Robert Kravis
Screenplay: Bruce Robinson
Starring Johnny Depp
Aaron Eckhart
Michael Rispoli
Amber Heard
Richard Jenkins
Giovanni Ribisi
Music: Christopher Young
Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
Editing: Carol Littleton
Studio: GK Films
Infinitum Nihil
Film Engine
Distributor: FilmDistrict
Release date:
October 28, 2011
Running time: 120 minutes
Johnny Depp Amber Heard The Rum Diary